Corporate Grills Gone Oh So Wrong

Corporate grills and front fascias have become common place amongst the automakers that populate our vast new car selection.  As with anything, they range from bland and/or boring, to handsome and even bazar seeming straight out of a science fiction movie. For the purposes of this article we’re going to focus our attention on the negative end of the spectrum to discuss and laugh at those that have entered the world of, “how in the hell did that make it through testing groups?!” I don’t know why so many companies insist on using a corporate grill other than building a brand and a face with recognizable traits much like the way BMW has done with the two kidneys since, well forever.  Automakers today are taking this consistency to new levels and it’s just bad.  Without further adieu my top five most horrifically wrong grills are as follow.  I am not the owner of these images (thank god) and I will not be held accountable for thoughts of self harm after staring at these monstrosities. 

Lexus Predator 


Lincoln – Space failure


Acura Beak – Please poke my eyes out  Image

Mazda Smile – So much happiness it hurts



Ford – Gillete Mach 3 grill for that extra close shave 



Are these your least favorite or are there others that you loathe just as badly?  I’d love to hear your thoughts/opinions in the comments below!  



Car Memes are Bullshit

The title is pretty self-explanatory but I will entertain you as guests of my rambling automotive composition. You may at first think I am just some loony guy who has had his feelings hurt by a meme created by some “bro” about my preferred car group. However, before we get to far along, let me preface with this, I truly claim no group, no affiliation, or any brand preference when it comes to automotive awesome. I, in simple prefer cars with a particular purpose, whether that be straight line performance, road course lapping, setting a new world record for mpg, hell I don’t care just as long as it’s doing something well, I like it.

All of that said, we live in an interesting time, where we have a combination of opinion based ass holes, never-ending pictures, limitless networking capabilities and a sense of anonymity based immortality found through the interwebz. What do we get with this set of variables? Opinion based memes about cars and car enthusiasts that are often vast generalizations and/or bold faced lies.

I will admit many of them are quite funny and even accurate time and again. Unfortunately, for every meme with an honest to goodness intelligent thought behind it, there are twenty or thirty ridiculous memes that are degrading and flat out wrong that still get spread around like a venereal disease in the red light district before the advent of Penicillin.

As readers what do you think about car memes? Do you like/Dislike them? If so what do you like/dislike about them?

I’ll end with this.